Welcome to a Google free World

maintain your privacy with a DeGoogled phone

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What is a DeGoogled Phone

  • The ultimate privacy phone
  • Runs on Android Open Source and a custom open source ROM (eg. LineageOS, Graphene)
  • Google is not embedded on phone - its not there
  • You are anonymous
  • Tracking of your location and activities are minimized if not eliminated 
degoogled phone

Our High Quality Devices

  • Brand new phones (original packaging)
  • High quality Pixel phones (other models sometimes available)
  • Choice of operating system (LineageOS, GrapheneOS, Linux)
  • Runs most Android applications
  • Free case and screen protectors

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Privacy Operating Systems

Your Choice of Operating System

Select the operating system for your phone that you prefer.

  • LineageOS
  • GrapheneOS
  • CalyxOS
  • Linux - Ubuntu Touch (available on Pixel 3a / 3aXL only)