The Linux Phone
will the Ubuntu Touch Linux phone meet your needs

Ubuntu Touch is a relatively new version of the very popular Linux operating system developed specifically for a mobile phone.  It is like having a Linux computer in your pocket!  We have been testing it with the Pixel 3a/3aXL to see if it will meet the needs of a typical cell phone user.

Will the Linux Phone Meet your Needs?

The Ubuntu Touch development team has noted the Pixel 3a/3aXL as one of the best devices on which to run their operating system.  They have tested all of the technical components and confirmed that everything is compatible and working well  (eg. camera, video, phone, fingerprint reader, bluetooth, nfc, wifi, gps and many dozens more).  However, can it provide you with the applications that you require?  Well, we have been doing some testing on that front and have found that there appears to be decent solutions for many/most (maybe even all) of your cell phone needs.  

We looked at the standard applications that Ubuntu Touch comes with as well as those that can be easily installed via the phone's app store - OpenStore.  Here are some of the solutions that we found (many more exist):

            - Morph Browser

            - Dekko2 (email client)
            - ProtonMail
            - CTemplar
            - Yahoo!Mail
            - Tutanota
            - Outlook for Office365

            - Axolotl (signal)
            - Teleports (telegram)
            - FluffyChat

            - Pure Maps
            - uNav

            - Podbird
            - Podphoenix
            - Pocket Casts

If you are interested in a Linux phone check out our Pixel 3a/3aXL models - you can order them with Ubuntu Touch preinstalled.

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